Superseed delivers honest architecture in Western Australia.
Our philosophy is simple:

Good clients make good architecture.

Money doesn’t make good architecture.

Cost profitably is never our primary driver. Our goal is to make WA better, one project at a time, by sharing ideas and building relationships with our clients. We price our services to obtain the jobs that help people, support good ideas and signal change. Sometimes, we even charge enough to pay the bills.

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We always
get it right.

  • Architect Advantage

    No draftspersons or “designers” here. Personalised services from a Registered Architect throughout the duration of all projects, ensuring that your investment is in experienced hands.

  • Sick of the cookie-cutter?

    Get something unique. Custom designed projects merge a response to their site’s environmental, cultural, and material needs, with that of the aesthetic sensibilities and pragmatic requirements of the client. Increased site efficiency and smart design create real-world value, not cost.

  • Get what you need.

    You will always be happy with the outcome. Risk-free.

    We offer unlimited design changes and amendments in the Schematic Design Phase at no extra cost. No conditions. No fine print.

Be Informed.

We understand that the process of design, documentation and construction can seem daunting. Instead of propagating confusion, we actively inform our clients and the public of the benefits of good design and of the architectural and building process. If you have a potential project, we’re happy to have a chat with you about your options, regardless of the outcome. For free.

It’s almost like informed people make wiser decisions!

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Why Superseed?

We work smarter to ensure the best possible results. Here's a few reasons why;

Put the kettle on.
We come to you.

Forget taking time off work or finding a sitter. Client meeting at your house or place of your choosing. 7 days a week,  23 hours a day at no extra cost.

Honest and unbiased advice.
We are working for you.

Get experienced architectural advice without any catches. We work for you, and it’s your interests we are advocating.

A better way to build.
We use the market to obtain the best construction costs.

Builders build. Architects design and manage.

Locking in a builder right off-the-bat offers no flexibility and will likely lead to a heavily compromised design. We design your project to a budget, then approach a series of builders to competitively price a design that you are completely happy with.

Visualise your project.
Find it hard to read drawings? No worries.

All projects are modelled in 3D and FREE 3D Renders are included at key stages in the project. We ensure that our clients clearly understand and can visualise their projects. It’s 2020 after all.

Isn't this fun?
Informed clients make informed decisions.

The architectural process is fun. We inform our clients thoroughly on the process so that there are no ‘surprises’ and always keep a big picture perspective. That way we can focus on the good stuff.

We're fancy AND we're cheap.
Our business model is set up to pass on savings to our clients.

We work from home to create a more effective work / life balance. We don’t have to pass on the costs of a designer office to our clients. Let us wow you with our results, not our foyer.

Project types

Superseed can help you with projects of any size and budget.
Here are a few examples;

  • Residential
    • Single Residences
    • Additions / Renovations
    • Interior Design
    • Auxiliary Accommodation (Granny Flats)
  • Multi-Residential
    • Multiple Dwellings (Units/Apartments)
    • Grouped Dwellings (Townhouses)
    • Mixed-Use Developments
    • Feasibility Studies
  • Commercial
    • Offices
    • Fit-Outs
    • Warehouses

About Us

Superseed Architecture was founded by John LeClare Josephs – a Registered Architect in Western Australia.

John has worked in the architectural industry in Perth for 15 years, working for traditional architecture practices, multidisciplinary consultancies and developers across a huge variety of job types and budgets.

John now brings that experience to a wider audience, working one on one with select clients to deliver quality, honest design, regardless of budget.

Consulting with his partner Dr Alison O’Donnell, a climate scientist and plant biologist, Superseed brings exceptional connections to the environment through energy efficiency and landscape design.

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