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Free Consultation

Superseed Architecture provides dozens of free, no-obligation consultations to the Perth region a year.

If you are:

  • Thinking or planning of building a new residence.
  • Considering renovating or extending your existing residence.
  • Considering purchasing land.
  • Wishing to develop a site or build a commercial or mixed-use project.
  • Undergoing changing life circumstances and wish for advice on architectural solutions.
  • Speaking to other builders or designers and wish to understand a more cost effective, risk mitigating process combined with superior design.
  • A builder or developer and wish for architectural designs which utilise your skillsets, and are highly buildable, individual, and marketable.

We are happy to meet in person, by phone or zoom, or chat over over email, to discuss:

  • The design potential of your project and best practices to optimise the site.
  • Your brief and its alignment with your site and budget.
  • Relevant planning or building codes affecting your project.
  • Processes for optimal design outcome, building methods, energy and cost efficiency, speed, and risk mitigation.
  • Currents costs and market trends, and how to optimise your dollar. Methods for saving hundreds of thousands of dollars for your build contract.
  • Design and brief considerations which may be of significant lifestyle and financial value.
  • Architectural design, which is emotive, lasting, and fun, and provides an enduring beneficial experience to you and your family.

Importantly, this is not a sales pitch, but high-level, non-bias, professional architectural advice, open to anyone, regardless of project budget, provided free of charge. There is absolutely no obligation or pressure for further discussion.

Over the years, we have saved clients and potential clients tens of millions of dollars by providing pathways for optimised, sustainable, cost-efficient processes and design outcomes. Commonly, our advice may be to not proceed with your project in the manner you have envisaged (at this time, or at all), as it may not meet your budget or brief requirements, and alternatively provide a more efficient path to a fantastic project, whether it has the potential to involve our services or not.

Superseed undertakes this service based on our foundational ideology of ‘good clients make good architecture.’ Informed clients with an optimised brief and site are required ingredients to fantastic, successful design outcomes and a sustainable built environment.

Please do not hesitate to email or call John LeClare Josephs, the Director of Superseed Architecture, on the contact details below, to arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation at your home, office, or project site, anywhere in the Perth metro area, any time of the day or week.