Zimmermann Residence

With the same budget and materials as cookie cutter housing, the Zimmerman Residence was delivered with a context specific form and excellent energy efficiency.


The Zimmermann Residence was guided by the question of “why do builder standard 4 x 2 homes all look/feel the same?’ With the same budget and materials, couldn’t you do something far more context specific?

For this young couple, the answer was yes. Designed to maximise north light, to be flexible for a family’s long-term growth, and to be individual aesthetically, whilst utilising standard materials and processes.

The home is an East-West spine, with a series of ribs(rooms) oriented towards north, each with a different function. There are gaps in the ribs – traversing the spine allows for unique lines of site and views cut through the building, creating an interior connection to the landscape.

Delivered under budget and with an 8 Star Energy rating.



New Residence


Mount Claremont, Western Australia



Size m2

244m2 inc. Garage

Cost /m2


Tender Range


Energy Rating

8.2 Star


Ecovision Homes

Structural Engineer

Instruct Consulting Engineers

Energy Consultants

CADDS Energy

Building Surveyor

Taycon Group


Dion Robeson