Thomason Residence

Breaking apart standard rectangle forms, creating excellent energy efficiency and spatial zoning.


Traditional residence forms, derived from cost effectivity and maximizing builder margins, are generally rectangular in shape. With only a cursory inspection of the result of this shape -the majority of the form generally facing the wrong solar orientation, rooms all overlooking close fences, and a high level of internalized transit spaces (read: full of hallways), and spaces all adjoining, separated by a single wall at best – it is clear that there are better approaches.

This property had good orientation potential, with the street elevation facing north. However, expectations (and requirements) are for garages at the front, as well as required entranceways, minimize the potential space which can access this optimal orientation. The Thomason Residence utilizes a ‘C’ shape, allowing far more of the residence access to northern light. Furthermore, the roof above the Kitchen area is raked north, adding to the light potential.

Addition benefits of this layout are abundant, spaces are separated into ‘wings’ for far more efficient heating and cooling, better acoustic separation, and better livability, with room organized with task priority. Ventilation is significant improved, with many spaces having direct connection to the outside on two opposite sides of the room.

Living spaces are gathered around a central formal courtyard, perfect for entertaining, with the option connect the Living, dining and Kitchen to the Games and Alfresco, to be utilized as one singular space, for entertaining. The central courtyard, predominantly decked with specific garden placement, is very easy to maintain, whilst the rear yard hides less visually attractive, but important items, such as sheds and trampolines.



New Residence


Carine, Western Australia



Size m2

279m2 inc. Garage

Cost /m2


Tender Savings


Energy Rating

8.4 Star


DA Burke

Structural Engineer

Cenit Group

Energy Consultants

CADDS Energy

Building Surveyor

Taycon Group


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