Salter Point Residence

A contemporary take on the pitched roof house offering a subtle, contextual street presence.


Featuring a single pitched roof form with integrated gutter, this residence sits on a corner block with the long axis facing north.

An open plan Living, Kitchen and Dining space is central to the long axis, featuring both North and South openings for excellent solar optimization and cross ventilation. The ceiling is modelled into a series of ‘coffers’ to This space further acts as a central node, with two wings flanking – the Master Suite and the Kids Bedrooms. This ensures the house reacts realistically to the needs of its teenage occupants, and that of the parents, providing them with their own private space, external entries and acoustic and air conditioning compartmentalization, whilst coming together as a family in the centre.

The residence sits on a single floor plane, to ensure its aging-in-place credentials. This floor plane is sunken into ground – ensuing the front elevation reads as horizontally as possible.

The brief maintains on site existing pool (reconditioned) and a large Jacaranda tree and established front landscaping – items which could (and should) not be reasonably replaced and provide an ‘established’ feeling to a new home.

Cost efficient, highly energy efficient, spatially simple and practical and importantly, aesthetically timeless, this design ensures the clients will have no logistical requirements to move again.



New Residence


Salter Point



Size m2

275m2 exc. Carport


Superseed Architecture