Martin Residence

A northern oriented addition, wrapped around a tree.


With a massive 16m tree on site with an extensive root system to be maintained, this residential addition and renovation required careful consideration to layout, to ensure that the amenities of the site were retained and enhanced.

Featuring a series of rammed earth blade walls, with an external skin of energy efficient stud work, this addition reconfigured the existing residence into bedrooms, and added north facing Kitchen, Dining and Living and Master Suite, as well as Alfresco and Pool. A new entry, situated in the middle of the residence, ensures that the newly created rear spaces can be entered without disturbing the front children’s bedrooms, a great long-term solution for entertaining and general livability.

With a focus on external connection, landscape and materiality, this residence connects the occupants to the site established conditions.

The form and orientation work to both improve the quality of light and space to the addition, whilst importantly reintroducing the same qualities back into the existing established home.



Major Addition and Renovation


Wembley, Western Australia



Size m2

135m2 (Addition) + 102m2 (Existing)

Cost /m2


Tender Savings


Energy Rating

6.3 Star


Element Construction

Structural Engineer

Cenit Group

Energy Consultants

Energy Advance

Building Surveyor

Taycon Group


Superseed Architecture