Loo-Nevill Residence

A bold layered form giving new life to a post-war residence in Floreat.


Connected to the existing residence with minimal impact to the existing roof structure, this addition utilizes the long axis of the block to optimize the northern aspect. This axis is emphasis upon entry, with the external patio roof extending form the line of the existing front door.

The roof and ceiling are of a continuous material and colour, resulting in a bold, layered form, read inside and out.

The open plan format of the main living space is zoned by the undulated heights of the ceiling, lowered over the Dining room reflecting the use change, all highly connected to the outdoors through the oversized highly efficient uPVC openings.

Project completed and awaiting photography.



Residential Addition and Renovation



Size m2

115m2 (Addition) + 116m2 (Existing)

Cost /m2


Tender Savings


Energy Rating

6.9 Star


SIDI Construction

Structural Engineer

Cenit Group

Energy Consultants

CADDS Energy

Building Surveyor

Taycon Group


Superseed Architecture